our food ethos

We believe eating well improves lives

Everyday we are committed to using only the best ingredients we can find. Sourcing them responsibly and hand preparing them with skill and care to produce what we believe is the best way to eat.

Fast, fresh, healthful meals made with all of the things you like, and none of the things you don’t.


Our responsibly sourced, quality meats and fresh local vegetables are marinated for at least 18 hours overnight then fire-grilled over a live fire to add a beautiful smoky flavour. Grilling is the healthiest way to prepare food since (1) vegetables retain more of their vitamins and minerals when they’re grilled, (2) excess fat drips off and (3) meat retains more nutrients when cooked over fire, helping turn food into fuel for energy more efficiently.


We use responsibly sourced, grade-A quality meats that are always fresh, never frozen.
Corn-fed chicken, Grass-fed lancashire lamb and Grass-fed beef.

100% natural.

No matter how small the ingredient, it has to be the best. We use only pink himalayan salt as it's the cleanest salt on earth. Extra-virgin olive oil and British rapeseed oil for healthy, beneficial fats. Nothing artificial. All our sauces and marinades are made in house using fresh herbs and freshly ground spices, farm fresh produce and magical family recipes. Nothing artificial or pre-made. Ever. Every morning whole produce is chopped, blended, whizzed, and prepared into salads and sauces in our on site kitchen so that the food is as fresh as possible - we even grind our own spices!


Our fresh produce is locally sourced and organic when possible, so it’s farm to chopping board in under 24 hours.

That’s what we call fast food.

We are passionate about
shaping the future of fast food

join us

As we merge the Fast Food experience with Fine Dining ingredients and create a better way to eat.

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